Around here, we’re more familiar with formal graduation photography sessions, with the graduate either in their cap and gown and/or their formalwear. It’s always fun to do these formal sessions, with everyone totally rocking their fancy outfits. Casual graduation photos – common in the States, but growing in popularity here too –  put a more relaxed spin on things. They’re a fantastic way to celebrate you, with your unique style and personal interests, at this exciting point in your life.

Back in May, Jennifer Blake Photography and I held a grad model search. We were looking for someone fun who would be willing to model for a casual grad session, and the beautiful Hannah was our winner!

With the help of Zdena Mutlow (who can I just say has more style in her pinky finger than I’ll ever hope to have in my life), we got Hannah decked out in some gorgeous Stella and Dot jewellery. She also let us shoot on her farm and delivered coffee while we worked. Her warmth and hospitality almost made us forget how chilly it was!

It didn’t take much time spent with Hannah to learn that she’s a gal with a big heart. She aspires to be an elementary school teacher, and volunteered in a grade 3 class during her spare period. She’s a lifeguard, swim teacher and coach, and a talented musician to boot. Congratulations Hannah and all the best!

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