If you’re about to get married, chances are you’ve heard this advice at least once: “enjoy your day – it will fly by”. Right?

Guess what? It’s true. Your wedding day will be packed full of awesomeness, start to finish. And sometimes, despite all your careful planning, the time you blocked off for your portrait session might get a bit of a squeeze. After sessions to the rescue!

There are so many things that I love about after sessions. The first is, of course, the luxury of time. The clock isn’t ticking, there aren’t people waiting for you, and we can schedule the session for the best light (which typically occurs sometime during your speeches). We aren’t at the whims of the weather. We can choose a location that we might not have time for or access to – maybe you want to drive out to the farm you grew up on, or to your favorite fishing spot. You get to wear that gorgeous dress again, and not have to worry about getting a little dirt on it. And the best part? You don’t have anything to worry about – you can relax!

You might remember Amanda and Kyle from their awesome vintage farm wedding. I’ve never met a more organized bride than Amanda. She was totally on the ball – like seriously, she could give lessons. We’d planned to shoot the bride and groom portraits near some old buildings on their farm, and then take a quad out to this beautiful spot by a pond down the road. It never quite happened – after all, they had a wedding ceremony to get to! So needless to say, I was thrilled when they took me up on the suggestion of an after session in that same gorgeous location. We got to shoot during the golden hour, when the evening light is low and warm. They even brought their adorable dog Blake. Here are some favorites from our session.