So you’ve booked a photobooth, and you’re ready to rock the party. Hold the phone! What are you planning to do with all those hilarious photos from your reception? Keep them hidden away on a disc in a drawer? Well you could, but that’s pretty boring. You could print some out and slip them in with your thank-you cards, which your guests will love. But what about for yourself? Add on a custom-designed photo guestbook! It’s a great way to compile the images and memories from your evening into a long-lasting keepsake.

Your guests will be provided with a card and marker when they visit the photobooth. They will be invited to write a message for your guestbook, which will be added to the book in their own handwriting, next to their images.

It also makes a great substitute for a traditional guestbook! If desired, we’ll provide the cards and markers in advance, and you can set up your sign-in table to have your guests write their messages when they arrive at your reception. We’ll collect the messages and take it from there!


Your album will be printed on thick matte paper, with layflat pages. You’ll have your choice of over 40 beautiful cover materials, from fabric to vegan leather. This couple chose a beautiful vintage camel vegan leather cover:

photo guestbook saskatoon photobooth

What past clients had to say about their photo guestbook:

“Got the album – looks great! I love this idea! Best guestbook idea ever!” – Nicole and Chad

“I can’t stop looking at it! I’m laughing so hard!” – Rhea and Riley


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I can’t wait to help you make memories – contact me for pricing and availability! And yes, I will travel!